Before sending your Termination Application into the Plan Administration Office, please review carefully to ensure all necessary information is filled out correctly. If your forms are not completed correctly, they will be returned to you which may cause a delay in processing your retirement request.

If you have not worked for the Boilermakers' Union for 24 consecutive months (2 years) and are a vested member of the Pension Plan, you are eligible to terminate your Pension benefits from the Boilermakers' National Pension Plan (Canada). The termination application and a listing of important forms below are viewed in Adobe Arcobat Reader. All forms are displayed in PDF format. Many of these forms are fill-able for you to complete right on your personal device. Once you have completed your termination application and any other forms, please print and sign and necessary areas.

All of the forms listed below can be mailed to the Plan Administration Office, faxed or e-mailed for processing. Click here for more contact information.

Termination Application

Income Tax Forms

Waiver of Joint and Survivor Pension

If you require assistance with completing any forms, please contact the Plan Administration Office where a staff member would be pleased to assist you.

If for any reason you are unable to print a form, please call the Plan Administration Office to have a form mailed to you.