FSEAP (Family Services Employee Assistance Program)


FSEAP FSEAP provides free counselling, information and referral services for Boilermaker Members and their families. These services, listed below, are available throughout Canada. Telephone Number: 1-866-990-1113, TTY Telephone Number: 1-888-234-0414

Online Access

Please sign in with your Boilermakers' Benefits Account to receive access to the Boilermakers' FSEAP group username and password.

Crisis Counselling

  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Direct access to professional counselling staff through our toll-free telephone lines

Psychological and Social Counselling

Psychological and social counselling includes comprehensive assessment, short-term treatment, referral when necessary, and follow up including:

  • Marital/relationship counselling
  • Family counselling
  • Child and adolescent counselling
  • Work-related counselling
  • Personal and emotional counselling
  • Interpersonal conflict counselling
  • Specialized addictions treatment (including liaison with treatment centres and extended follow-up)
  • Stress testing and counselling
  • Psychological assessments

Financial Counselling

  • Financial consultation and assessments for employees experiencing financial difficulties
  • Employees may be counselled on budgeting techniques and debt management

Eldercare Information

Eldercare counselling and resource finding providing information on:

  • Home support services
  • Long term care and seniors housing
  • Day programs
  • Health services
  • Social and education programs

Teen/Parent Hotline

The teen/parent hotline offers 24-hour counselling for adolescents and their parents. This service is available exclusively through FSEAP.

The hotline is available for teens to talk about problems with:

  • School
  • Friends
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Family relationships
  • And more

The hotline is available for parents to discuss worries about:

  • Teen depression
  • Legal problems
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • And more

Child Care Information

Childcare counselling and resource finding provides information on:

  • Day care centres and nursery schools
  • Nanny agencies
  • Private home care agencies
  • School-age childcare programs (after school, summer, holidays)
  • Care for children with special needs
  • Temporary and emergency care agencies

Legal Advisory Service

  • Access to experienced lawyers practising across Canada
  • Providing information on:
    • Consumer law and protection
    • Family law, motor vehicle law
  • General legal services

De Novo Treatment Centre


De Novo De Novo is an alcohol and drug treatment service operated as a partnership between management and unionized members of Ontario's construction trades. Members in good standing working in Ontario and their spouses and children are eligible for assistance.

De Novo Treatment Centre is located in Huntsville, Ontario. De Novo provides a free assessment, a residential treatment and recovery facility with additional support after treatment.

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug addictions and are looking for help contact De Novo. They CAN help you.

For more information on De Novo and the services they provide click here to go to the De Novo website.

If you need assistance contact the intake manager who will start you on the right path by answering any questions and, after assessment, get you started with your treatment program. There is no change to the member for this treatment. 100% of the cost is paid for by the Boilermakers' National Health and Welfare Plan (Canada).

Contact Information